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We've completed hundreds of successful searches in diverse industries for corporate, divisional, plant and business locations.  With over 30 years of documented success, we're committed to providing innovative job search and staffing solutions to select job seekers and clients nationwide.  We take pride in delivering outstanding results, professionally and on time, while maintaining the very highest standards of service and confidentiality.  You can count on our professional, disciplined and thorough search process to deliver high quality, creative solutions to your employment and staffing needs in accounting and financial disciplines.  The more competitive business becomes, the more crucial it is to find the right position in the right company, and to fill your critical financial and accounting positions with the most capable people to be found anywhere.

So if you're seeking a new opportunity or have a position to fill in accounting or finance, contact Koll-Fairfield now. Or give us a call at 203-221-9077 - and immediately put the demonstrated power of our experience and the proven search methods of our finance and accounting specialists to work for you.

Our specialties include but are not limited to the following searches:

Corporate AccountingFinancial Accounting                    
ERP & Financial Reporting Systems        Corporate Treasury
Financial ReportingSEC Compliance
Tax Research & Compliance       Mergers & Acquisitions
Strategic PlanningGlobal Consolidations
ControllersChief Financial Officers